Ng Kok Weng


Ng Kok Weng
17 Sep 2020

Showing Kindness to Our Community: Project Mask & Muffins for Migrant Workers! Expanding our horizon to touch lives of those who have impacted ours!

Beautiful buildings, attraction, parks and housing appears from time to time in our Sunny Singapore and aren’t we privileged to be living in this country we call home? 

But have we ever paused to think about those soiled hands, hearts longing for their loved ones, body plagued with pain from hours of physical labour - Yes, you guessed it right! We are talking about the countless migrant workers who toil tirelessly under harsh weather conditions and average living cum working conditions to play their part in making our Singapore, a global city! 

Sadly, more than often, we do not! But thanks to COVID-19, the plight of migrant workers in Singapore came to light and Stars from Nurturestars jumped on the bandwagon to do their part for our migrant workers. 

In appreciation of all they have done to make our nation a convenient place, Stars from K1 decided to send over 

  • Muffins for tea baked by our Stars 

  • Surgical and reusable masks

  • Heartfelt handwritten cards 

for 100 migrant workers! We worked with Itsrainingraincoats, an initiative for the benefit of migrant workers. 

Now let the baking begin:

The process of baking was especially enjoyable when baking with love and we couldn’t agree more! 

Listen to their little chant:

And then while the muffins were baking, our Stars got busy penning down their heartfelt cards for our migrant workers:

Time for packing - ensuring everything is in order before heading over:

How cute is this drawing?

This picture is an affirmation that it is never to young to start showing kindness because children are observing and imitating all that we do as adults! And that is why, here in Nurturestars Preschool @ SAFRA Punggol - we choose to magnify and amplify kindness! 

For the finale, we set out to the worksite to deliver our fresh muffins along with masks to ensure that our migrants workers work with joy just like you and I! 

Yay! Impacting the world, one step at a time! Thank you for the opportunity to serve with love!

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