Roshini Gumnani

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Bedok Reservoir-Punggol Blk 470C (CC)

Roshini Gumnani
9 Sep 2021

Restaurant Day

We embarked on a valuable project which helps to raise funds for the children in APSN-Chaoyang. We decided to spread love to our parents as well by organising a Restaurant Day mimicking actual restaurant concepts in school. We changed our school into a mini restaurant and serve parents the menu which was designed by the children themselves.

For our project, Our children designed the menu and sent out letters to parents to invite parents to dine in their restaurant. Parents were customers, children were waiters; waitresses; Cooks and ushers. They could relate to the actual restaurant day in school. They had so much fun cooking and taking orders and of course collecting money.

The children laid out the table cloths, table numbers and their customized menu and ushered parents to their table number which was given to them earlier as a confirmation of their restaurant booking. Children took the orders of the parents with their very own order sheet which was named by them. The waitresses collected the money and brought it to the cashier. The menu items were priced between $3-$5 to make it easier for the N2, K1 and K2 children to count.

TOGETHER AS A TEAM, We raised $422.80 for the APSN children. It was a wonderful journey to educate the children and be involved in the entire process from organising a Restaurant day, designing the menu, Practise cooking with the ingredients, taste testing and at the same time be in action on the actual day. We’re glad our parents enjoyed the food that was prepared by the children entirely and they were very surprised to see their children being talented in cooking as well. Thank you SSDB for giving us this opportunity.

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