Jasmine Chua

Agape Little Uni @ Commonwealth

Jasmine Chua
28 Aug 2017

Recyling Project

This year we focused on environment for our SSDB Project. We kick started our project by having our own recycling bins in the school. The children and parents were encouraged to dispose their daily waste that are made of materials such as paper, plastic and aluminium in the respective bins. The parents showed their full support by engaging themselves and modelling the values of protecting the environment.

Through this project, the children learned the importance of recycling and how it helps to keep the environment clean and green. They also understood their roles in keeping the environment beautiful and save place for all living things.

Our Recycling Corner!

We know the right way to throw our rubbish

Apart from the project, the children were also encouraged to create crafts using recycled materials. This allowed the young minds to unleash their creativity. It was also a good eye opener as it created enriching learning moments. They were able to learn about the different properties and usefulness of various materials in their daily lives.

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