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Li Mei Hwa
13 Aug 2019

Reaching out, touching hearts, Our SSDB Launch Party 2019

On 26 April 2019, we had our SSDB Launch Party held at our centre!

The theme for this year is, “Reaching our, touching hearts”

Prior to the Launch Party, the children got together and discussed on the topics that they were interested in doing for their project this year. Out of which, getting to know and helping people with hearing disabilities generated the most interest and buzz amongst the children. We then decided to proceed on with that in mind.

We got the children to write and illustrate out on their SSDB wish cards what they would and could do to assist others in need.

We can play games together! - Javier

We can do drawing together! - Firas

We were truly heartened by what the children shared during the activity.

We also gave an introduction of a way of communication for people that have difficulty hearing or speaking - hand signs. The children were especially intrigued by the “I love you” hand sign to which inspired the craft work for the Launch Party.

We set up a photo booth for the event, for children and their families to snap a photo to signify their commitment to our SSDB cause for this year.

The event was attended by children and their families! The teachers gave an introduction of what SSDB is, our cause and commitment for this year and also what they could do to help.

Thereafter, they were invited to trace their hands on coloured paper, cut them out and form the “I love you” handsign to signify that they will be contributing to the cause.

Families are encouraged to place their newly created artworks together and snap a photo at our photo booth!

We would like to sincerely thank all the parents, families and children who made time to join the Launch Party this year and do look forward to the upcoming events that we have planned ahead.

  • Teacher Mei

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