Rabbiatun Fazriah Bte Mislan

Al-Muttaqin Mosque Kindergarten

Rabbiatun Fazriah Bte Mislan
9 Oct 2023

Project Presentation Day!

The children were excited to showcase their upcycling products with their classmates. They shared the upcycling items they use for their creations.

Look at their creative ideas!

Our school staffs joined in to create upcycling products too to show their support for our cause. They used some of the items they collected at Preschool Market Warehouse. 

These upcycling products were sold to our school community and the proceeds will be donated to a selected Eldercare Centre in our community, St Luke’s Eldercare.

We hope our children learnt to value resources to make the environment a better place and and at the same, learned to help other communities.

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