Jasmine Chua

Agape Little Uni @ Commonwealth

Jasmine Chua
28 Aug 2017

Pledge to Earth

The children were involved in various activities, in conjunction with oir SSDB project. It was a great eye opener for both children and their families as they were able to realize the importance of protecting and preserving the Earth. 

Through this project, the children and their families have embraced good habits such as recycling common items used every day and planting of small plants both in school and at homes. This helped them to protect and preserve their environment.

As a finale, the children pledged to keep the environment clean and safe for all living things. This helped the children to understand the importance of their role as an Earth saver and how their work helps to create a beautiful environment for everyone. The pledge was created by our very own K2 children.

We also invloved the parents by encouraging them to dress up their children using recycled materials. The parents were very creative. They created costumes such as trash cans using cardboard and accessories using newspaper.

This is the video compilation of our Finale event. Enjoy watching!!!

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