Mabel Chua

Kanooka School House Pte Ltd

Mabel Chua
30 Jul 2020

Our Home 🌍

Millions of ideas are there but as a young one, how will you make a big impact at this period of time where you are not even allowed to go out and be with your friends?

During Circuit Breaker in Singapore, everything seems to pause and everyone was worried of the tomorrows. As an agent of change, we knew that we need to continue our advocacy even at home. And with the help of modern technology and support from Government Agencies, we took part in a big campaign.

One of our children presented our school for the campaign entitled “We Love Our Planet-Children’s Voices”. She had a collaboration with her teacher through virtual communication and shared her ideas on saving Mother Earth in connection with the World Environment Day 2020.

She shared a story written originally by the teacher and retold with her own understanding of the concept of being responsible and kind to Mother Earth.

Responsibility and kindness was emphasised throughout the story with creativity and talent. The advocacy for sustainability and encouraging everyone to be part of it was a success after winning the 4th place in Preschool Category and receiving positive feedbacks from the viewers.

Note: Video recording was done at home with the help of the parents and guidance from the teacher through virtual communication. Safe distancing was applied during Phase 1.

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