Nurazreen Bte Ismail

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Jalan Kayu Blk 518 (DS)

Nurazreen Bte Ismail
9 Sep

Our DIY Photo frames by PCF Sparkletots Jalan Kayu Blk 518

It was heartwarming to see how the K2 children were putting in a lot of effort together with their parents in creating the beautiful DIY photo frame of themselves with their grandparents. This parent-child activity helped the children to express their love and care for their grandparents using their creative hands to showcase their favourite memories together. 


When children brought back their finished masterpiece for a show and tell session in the classroom, they shared with their friends how they did the DIY frame and talked about the photographs. The children shared so many fond memories they had with their grandparents! 

From this activity, we hope that the children are aware that there are many ways to remind their grandparents that they are valued and appreciated. It may not be something big, but just a little action would make their day!

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