Poh Dorothy

Jenius Kindergarten @ Hougang

Poh Dorothy
15 May 2017

Our 3R's - Turn Waste To Use

Global Warming? Air Pollution? “Too much waste, we must do something for Mother Earth”, said the teacher. Children were briefed and encouraged to bring plastic bottles from home. They are going to turn them into mobiles to decorate the classroom.

Getting ready for the Launch Party.

K2 children made binoculars using toilet rolls and foil paper. They also made paper bags from magazines and used A4 papers.

Notices were sent to parents of K2 children to create a “game” using recyclable materials. This also encouraged parent and child collaboration.

SSDB Virtual Launch Party of 3rd April 2017

Parents were introduced and addressed by the teacher about the programme and were encouraged to practise the 3R’s. Parents came with wonderful ideas for the games like: Tic-Tac-Toe, memory game, bowling, kendama, toss-rings and marble-maze.

All the above mentioned were made from recyclable materials. The children from K1 class were invited to have a fun time with K2’s children on this day. Parents and child directed the games. It was a memorable event for them.

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