Mrs Linda Lim

TPBC Kindergarten

Mrs Linda Lim
20 May

One Heart One Community

TPBC Kindergarten had our launch party for Start Small Dream Big (SSDB) event on 13 May. This is our first time participating in a massive event like this.

First, we shared the SSDB 2022 video with our children and engaged them in a small discussion about ways they can give back to the poor and less fortunate in the community.

Then the children participated in various ‘heart’ crafts to be used for donated items to the less fortunate and when they visit the elderly in the centres.

Lastly, our children expressed their love and care when they sang their hearts out in two songs. Parents applauded supportively when they came to watch their performances.

Parents support was deeply appreciated as they show their support by donating items that are in good condition to ‘The Salvation Army’ who also gave an educational talk on how children can get involved at such a young age.

The launch event has impacted us in many ways and so the story continues…….

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