Little Footprints Preschool (Punggol 168)

3 Aug

[May & June] Little Acts of Kindness - Appreciating our family and friends

Caring for our friends

Before school reopens, in May, the children were pre-empted about the social distancing measures that would be put in place once they were back in school. Through our zoom lessons, we discussed about ways we could still show kindness. The children responded “we can give air hugs”, “praise our friends when they did well like good job” and “remind one another about social distancing”. They ended off the session by doing the kindness dance by Singapore Kindness Movement!

Zoom Session during Circuit Breaker

Caring for our family

Once the children were back in school in June, the children shared about their experience staying at home and having zoom lessons every day. They noted that the saw their parents working very hard and that they like it when their parents joined them for lessons too. We then decided to mail our appreciation postcards to our family too as they have worked hard to care for us during the circuit breaker.

Mailing the postcards

Parents’ Reaction

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