Valerie Loh

Our Juniors Global Schoolhouse Pte Ltd @ Ubi

Valerie Loh
25 Jun

March Provocation Activities - “Garden of Possibilities” - Grow Your Love

After days of working in our Garden of Possibilities, here is the highlight of what the children had done in immersing themselves in the beauty of nature that not just beautify the landscape of our outdoor area but it also strengthens the children’s previous and continuing appreciation, awareness and inspiration of the other forms of living things such as flowers, plants, herbs and even our little earthworm friends.

As gardening also promotes food supply sustainability, the children had a scrumptious picnic lunch with some of the food that can be cultivated in a garden.

They enjoyed the fun day and at the same time a paramount of learning experience.

For sure, there will be another picnic for us!!! 😁

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