Mrs Serene Chang

Zion Bishan Kindergarten

Mrs Serene Chang
20 Jun 2018

Making Music Shakers Using Recycled Bottles


Armed with their creativity, markers and decorative materials, the children decorated the recycled bottles with much enthusiasm. We were honoured to have our parent volunteers in the classrooms to help the children filled up their bottles with gravels, beads and cut-up straws to turn them into shakers. The children made 2 bottle shakers each - one for themselves and the other for the elderly residents at the “Golden Jasmine” Hub. They certainly looked forward to making music together with the elderly residents. This activity also taught the children the importance of reusing the plastic bottles and recycling to preserve our environment.

The children from K1 Peace 1 class enjoyed making their recycled bottle shakers with the parent volunteers. 

The children from K1 Faith 1 class enjoyed making their recycled bottle shakers with the parent volunteers.

The. children from K1 Faith 2 class enjoyed making their recycled bottle shakers with the parent volunteers.

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