Rachel Sim Yi Tian

M.Y World @ Admiralty

Rachel Sim Yi Tian
7 Jul 2023


We held our very first charity carnival in line with our SSDB project on 30th June 2023 from 6.30pm to 8pm. The carnival had games that brought out awareness of the different disabilities and celebrated the children’s learnings through the weeks.

Game 1: Hop Bunny

This game focuses on physical disability. Children competed in a three-legged obstacle course with a family member, experiencing the difficulties of limited movement. Children and family members strapped their adjacent legs together and completed the obstacle course within the time limit.

Game 2: Hear Me 

This game focuses on the hearing disability. The children moved around to loud music and upon hearing muffled animal sounds, they needed to quickly stand on the corresponding animal image.

Game 3: Picasso 

This game focuses on physical disability. Children were able to experience mark-making using their legs and wrists. Markers were attached to the back of children’s limbs. They then traced to complete a picture or fill in pictures with colours.

Game 4: Fishing Ninjas 

This game focuses on visual disability. Children were able to experience using blurred glasses to complete tasks. They had to try their best to catch fish using the fishing rod with their limited vision.

Game 5: Aye Aye Captain

This game focuses on visual disability. Children experienced using glasses that simulated the different types of blindness to complete tasks. They had to try their best to aim and toss their ring at the bottles with their limited vision.

Furthermore, balloons were being handed out to the children and we also had a self service photobooth for families to take pictures with our backdrop and photo props. Cotton candy, popcorn, sausage buns, and fruit punch were available at the food booth. To support the Singapore Green Plan 2030 some families brought their own containers and cups to collect food and drinks.

Proceeds from this carnival will be donated to SPD. We thank our parents and children for their unwavering support in this SSDB project and carnival!

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