Lam Caiyi, Michelle

Learning Vision @ Changi Airport

Lam Caiyi, Michelle
4 Jun 2018

LV@Changi Airport SSDB Launch Party

This is our first year joining SSDB, and we are excited to get everyone involved in giving back to the community. The teachers brainstormed and shared many ideas on how we can make this as meaningful for children as possible.

In Term 2, our K1s embarked on a topic on “Trash or Treasure”, educating children how someone’s trash can be another’s treasure. In their exploration of the topic, they each brought home a recycled container for them to fill it up with specific list of leftover food and nature materials like leaves and twigs to start a compost bin in the centre. They came back and shared about the content in their containers and came together to empty them into a big bin. The children went out to visit the bin on a few occasions and discussed about their observations.

In another learning experience, the children invited our community partners to donate their lightly used or unwanted items to set up a flea market booth during our SSDB launch party. The children brought the items back to school and sorted them into different category for the big event.

We wanted to make a big impression for the launch of our SSDB project, and aligned it with our annual Kidz Fiesta event on 27th April 2018. Our annual Kidz Fiesta, usually held in school, is an event where families are invited to come and purchase food items and play carnival games made from recycled materials, to raise fund for our beneficiary, Mercy Relief. This year, we managed to work with our community partners to secure a bigger venue for the event, and extended our invitation to our corporate partners. We decorated the place and got ready for lunch crowd. Our K2s even prepared and performed a cheer to mark the start of our SSDB project launch.

The children, from toddler to K2s, had booths selling food items that was a cookery activity conducted in Term 2, while the K1s had a booth selling preloved items – linked to their Term 2 learning topic. We also had carnival games station for families to play, each for a small sum. This year’s most popular station was the bouncy castle! Everyone was queueing to have a go it.

The launch party was a huge success! 

Stay tune for more updates on our 2018 SSDB project.

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