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Alya Insyirah
11 Jun 2022

Love is all around ♡ - Valentine's Day 2022 (14 February 2022)

Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate love with each other, showing feelings of love, affection and friendship. Children were reminded that not all gifts come in the form of wrapped gifts, letting them know that love is not only represented in the grandiose nature of a gift but rather the message behind it. To commemorate this day, we celebrated this occasion filled with art, cookery and appreciation videos for our loved ones. 

The children dressed beautifully in red, pink, white and purple colours, symbolizing the love they have for themselves, their family and friends. The children also participated in discussions of who they love and how they can show love to those people. 

Children from Infant till K2s did up different kinds of beautiful artworks of love. From pompom hearts, to love ladybug collage, clay hearts picture frame to folding craft stick valentine’s card. Lovely work children! 

What better way to show love to your close ones than to bake them a yummy treat with yummy jam! The K2 children did their cookery activity of baking heart shaped cookies. Before baking, the children decorated their heart shaped cookies by icing on hearts with strawberry jam. The children were excited as they shared who they want to give their cookies that were hand-made with love. Mmm! These cookies are as sweet as your love!

What other ways do you show your love for your dearest ones? 

Remember, where there is love, there is life. Keep loving children ♡

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