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Just Kids @ Jurong

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15 Jul 2017

Little Green Dot Program

As a continual effort in our “Small Changes can make a Big Difference” project for SSDB, focusing on raising environmental awareness, we collaborated with Tetra Pak on their Little Green Dot program. We invited some student trainers from Xingnan Primary School to conduct a talk and interactive workshop with the Kindergarten One and Two full day children today. These students are part of the Little Green Dots Train-The-Trainer Program (LGD-TTT) where they extend what they learnt from the environmental education module in their school to the preschool children in a fun and engaging way.

The children enjoyed the interactions and learnt about what they to do with empty packets and milk cartons.

  1. Rinse the carton after finished drinking;

  2. Flip up the flaps at the sides located at the top of the carton;

  3. open up the Flaps at the bottom;

  4. Flatten the carton before disposing them into a recycling bin.

A carton recycling bin is placed in the centre to collect all the empty cartons for recycling.

The students showed the children cutouts and samples of the different layers inside a milk carton.

The children also played a game of memory game using the flash cards our little trainers brought.

As a follow up, the children were encouraged to continue collecting empty and cleaned milk cartons to bring and put into the centre’s carton collection bin.

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