PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Tampines Central Blk 868A

24 Aug 2018

Let's Give! 17 July 2018- A collaboration with Pacific Adventure Centre@ Tampines Blk 868B, A 3-Generations Project

The big day has finally arrived and the children were exhilarated for this day! They have been working and practising hard for their performances. There are total of 2 classes which will be involved in the performance: Areca 1 & Azalea 1. When it was 10am, the children were so excited to meet the elders and perform for them.

Apart from performing for the elders, the children helped to carry the goodie bags which are to be distributed to the elders. Parents were also involved in the project whereby they helped to carry the goodie bags for the elders as well.

After all the goodie bags were properly stored, it was time for the children to perform in front of the elders. First up, was Azalea 1 with the song ‘The More We Get Together’ in Mandarin

Following next was Areca 1 with the song ‘Burung Kakak Tua’. The elders were more familiar to this malay song and was seen to be singing along with the children. Overall, they truly enjoyed the children’s performance.

After the wonderful performances by the two classes, it was time to hand over the artwork done by the children to the elderly. They proudly presented their artworks.

The elders then pasted their artwork up on their walls. They truly admired their artworks as they placed them up on the wall.

Finally, before we part ways, the parents and teachers helped to distribute the goodie bags to the elderly. Everyone enjoyed the project and this 3 generations project was a success! 

I enjoyed everything in this project! From doing the artwork, to packing the goodies for grandma and grandpa to performing for them. I love making them happy. It makes me feel happy too!  said a child involved in this project

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