Raechelle Manahan Manao

Learning Vision @ Changi Business Park

Raechelle Manahan Manao
30 Aug 2018

Learning Vision @ Changi Business Park - The Food for All Campaign -- in Collaboration with The Food Bank Singapore

In continuation of the school’s partnership with The Food Bank Singapore, the children and team of Learning Vision @ Changi Business Park conducted a fund-raising activity through a Multicultural Food Fiesta.

Each class from all over the centre chose a cultural food to present which ranged from the desserts from India like Kesari and Lassi, snacks from Mexico such as the Nachos and traditional foods from Bhutan and South Korea. The teachers, children and parents helped each other set up and man the food stalls. 

With this, the children were exposed to entrepreneurial skills such as marketing and sales but also helped boost their confidence in facing other people or adults whom they might not know.

It also provided great bonding time for the families who supported the different stalls. 

The event also encouraged taking care of the environment by offering special incentives to customers who choose to “Go Green!” by bringing and using their own food and drink containers, utensils or recyclable bags.

The event closed with success with everyone involved in high spirits.

Instead of only forwarding the donation to The Food Bank, the children and their parents participated actively in reaching out to the needy families of one of The Food Bank’s beneficiaries.

The day began with the parents stepping forward and moving the food delivery to the packing area where everyone assembled to listen to the briefing by Ms. Jessie from The Food Bank. She explained why it is important to assist the individuals in lower income families and how the food distributed helps sustain those who are unable to provide for themselves. She also demonstrated how to pack the different food items in the bags to make them presentable and ensure that the items will not drop nor get damaged. 

The children, with their parents, got to work following the lead from Ms. Jessie, where collectively, they managed to pack a total of 104 food bundles!

The community partner’s representative, Mr. Koh, then briefed the participants of the procedure to be followed, such as safety guidelines as well as how to interact with the beneficiaries, when delivering the food bundles.

The teams set off to brighten someone else’s day with their food bundles. Apart from distributing the goodie bags, the parents and children seized the opportunity to interact with the residents.

With this activity, the children’s perspectives were widened, giving them the opportunity to see and be able to help others first-hand. The children were eager to share their reflections about how happy they were about the activity. The parents also found the activity very meaningful and look forward to continuing such acts of good will for others with their children.

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