Nur Ashikin Binte Hamis

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Kembangan-Chai Chee Blk 326 (KN)

Nur Ashikin Binte Hamis
1 Sep 2021

KU326 “Little Minds,With Caring Hearts”: #4 - Appreciating Our Forefathers

Our centre had a great opportunity to collaborate with Bedok Public Library to show our appreciation to Singapore’s forefathers.

The children showed their appreciation to the forefathers by creating artwork of Singapore’s iconic places and lifesyle by using art techniques that were used by the various racial groups. The techniques that children were exposed to were Batik, Calligraphy, Rice flour, Bamboo art,Peranakan art and Saree.

Children created art piece “Sarong Cradle”. They collage batik cloths onto the cradle. Sarong cradle was homes to many infants in 1980s to 1990s. It was used by many races in their homes.

Children explored with chinese calligraphy art technique to create “Chinese Garden Tour”. They used the special brush used in painting calligraphy and black ink. Chinese Garden Tour was built in 1957 and it was a cultural landmark for our chinese grandparents.

Chinese also used chinese calligraphy art technique to create “Ruan” art piece. They painted the ruan muscial instrument using the black ink. Ruan was a traditional plucked instrument which provided soothing music to our forefathers.

Children used mainly recycle shreded paper, paint and glitter to create “Beaded Slippers” art piece. Children painted the background with paint and there after collage shreded paper as grass. They prinkled glitter onto the beaded slippers. Beaded and embroided slippers were worn by peranakan people. The beaded slippers were also known as “kasut manek”.

Lanterns art piece was used with bamboo art technique. Children printed bamboo prints using stick as the lantern’s design. They did paper collage to create the fire that comes out of the lantern. Lanterns were made and hung during festive celebrations by our chinese forefathers.

Children created “Merlion” art piece using rice flour,glitters and paper collage. They spinkled rice flour onto the merlion’s head. Children colleage paper cut outs and also used sparkly pipe cleaners that symbolies water. Merlion’s body symbolises our forefathers’ humble beginnings as fishermen.

Children used batik prints in creating “The Old Dragon Playground” art piece. They carefully collaged small batik cloths onto the dragon playground. Children also did finger printing on the trees and sprinkled sand as the sand that were found when olden children played at this playground. Batik was fabric brought into Singapore by our forefathers from Indonesia.

Vanda Miss Joaquim flower was collaged with Saree cloths by the children. Vanda Miss Joaquim is know for its resilience just like our forefathers when building Singapore.

Children coloured the patterns of peranakan tiles with vivid colours using crayons. Peranakan Houses were lived by chinese forefathers that added beauty to Singapore’s Architecture.

Children did cotton butt painting on “Kampong Satay” art piece. Children also did collage using rattan on this art piece. Satay sellers in the kampong used the rattan fan to help kindle the fire in the charcoal grill.

“Sepak Takraw” art piece used cotton budd painting,tea bag printing and rattan ball as the art technique and material. Sepak takraw is one of the childhood sport that was introduced throughout Asia. Our forefathers would weave rattan into a ball to play.

Children did paint printing using pom pom balls. Children sprinkled rice flour on the bottom part of the Singapore flag. Our forefathers gave Singapore its identity through the flag. The flag symbolises the true quality of a Singaporean.

Our “Appreciating Our Singapore’s Forefathers!” art pieces were display at Bedok Library for the wholemonth of August.

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