Mira Pavitra

Skool4kidz, Sembawang East Creek

Mira Pavitra
8 Sep 2021

Kindness to the Environment - “A Garden Themed Yoga”

A yoga session was a great idea to introduce kindness for the environment in children. It was a fun way to pique chuldren’s interest in the environment.

Due to Covid - 19 restrictions, we were unable to carry out the yoga session outdoor. Hence, we had the yoga session indoor. It gives opportunity for imagination as they had to pretend they were in a garden using their yoga mats and soothing music.

Parents were involved as they had provide the indoor yoga mat and brought their child to the garden. This helps build the children’s prior knowledge to prepare them for the topic, “Kindness to the Enviroment”.

Due to the trip, the children were invited to identify the things they saw in the garden on their visit.

Every child were given the opportunity to share their personal experience when they went for their nature walk.

With all the information exchanged between the children, simple yoga movements were shown through a poster to teach the children more about the garden. The children tried to guess the different poses shown to them.

Poses such as tree, frog, seed and butterfly. They also had the opportunity to use their creativity to invent their own moves.

The yoga session commenced with steady breathing and calming music that reminds them of the environment.

Children were encouraged to practice the proper breathing technique throughout the session.

From top to bottom, butterfly, seed (left), frog (right) and tree pose.

The 2 yoga poses invented by the children as it reminds them about their environment; Rainbow (Left) and Sunrise (Right)

The yoga session were carried out between 15 to 20 minutes. Once it has ended, the children sat on their mat with their water bottle. Each of them shared their takeaway for the session.

The children shared about their favourite garden poses / movements and how they appreciated the outdoor environment as there are beautiful things to look at.

The “Garden Themed yoga” was a success as it has cultivated a sense of belonging to the environment in the children. They became more observant and aware of their behaviour when they are outdoor,

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