Nur Hidayah

Sunflower Preschool @ Clementi Pte Ltd

Nur Hidayah
2 Oct 2023

Kindness begins with Us.. Start Small Dream Big..

As the children embarked on their SSDB journey, they began with exploring what “Start small Dream big ” means. The children were shown videos of the previous successes and other SSDB projects. They mentioned that they liked all the positive sentiment shared and they feel like they do can do something big.

Well inspired by the efforts of other children, They were then asked about what they saw and had a discussion about how children can make all the difference. They mention the desire to help the environment and be kind not only to others but also to the planet we live on. “We should do good to the earth”. Conservation efforts such as recycling are also being discussed as they continue to uncover benefits for them.

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