Chia Pui Kuan

Moral Child Development Centre(Chee Hoon Kog)

Chia Pui Kuan
14 Sep

K2 children SSDB Gardening Journal-Tomato and Onion

With the collaboration with NParks, our K2 children participated in the Playtime series on “Bobby and the Lost Seed”. From the interactive activities, children were aware of our local flora and fauna.

The K2 children were reinforced on their learning on how plants grow and were introduced to growing their own edible plants. Hence, they used the DIY self-watering planter method to grow the tomato seeds and explored growing onions as well. Besides watering the plants daily, children observed and recorded their plants’ growth in the reflective journal.

To enhance children’s learning on gardening, they did a celery experiment to find out how plants absorb water using coloured water and celery stalks.

Our K2 children not only learned Science and Math skills from the project, thus they also learned life skills on being responsible and patience. The K2 children had a fruitful experience from this learning journey!

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