Nurasyikin Binte Dzulkifli

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Nurasyikin Binte Dzulkifli
24 Jul 2018

K2’s second C.A.R.E mission at Jamiyah Home for the Aged in celebrating Hari Raya

Kindness is a gift everyone can afford to give ~ anonymous

The K2 Cheerful Cheetah class was all geared up in their Malay costumes and party clothes to celebrate and entertain the elderlies in celebrating Hari Raya Puasa.

The children performed 3 song & dance items for the elderlies. They chose to perform songs from The Carpenters’ “Top of the world”, a Chinese song and lastly a Hari Raya medley. They had a blast performing on stage with their wide smile and cheerful laughter throughout the performance.

Next activity in line was the making of Hari Raya cards for the elderlies to give to their friends. The children were very patient in attending to the elderly. They displayed a lot of care with many praises shared as the grandpa’s and grandma’s tried to create their own ketupats or designs on the card they were making.

Upon completion, the children asked permission if they can take a picture with the elderlies they worked with. They posed and asked the elderlies to smile and say cheese as their teacher takes a picture!

The children shared their joy and experiences to one another as they went to drink some water as well as toileting. Some said that they first felt shy while attending to the elderlies, and some others mentioned how creative the grandpa was at creating his cards. 

The K2 children prepared a Hari Raya token for each residents at JHA. They went around to shake the hands of the elderlies, wishing them a “Selamat Hari Raya” and giving them the token they’d made back in class! They really felt a strong sense of achievement after the mission of the day was all completed!! 

Thank you Jamiyah Home for the Aged, for allowing us the opportunity to spend time and share our love with the elderlies here! It was a wonderful experience meeting them all for the past two visits!! 

Wishing all the Atoks and Neneks a good health, abundance of happiness and joy in life throughout the year! Our SSDB project with them ends here… but the C.A.R.E project continues on soon to yet another elderly care centre where all of us little heroes will continue on to spread awareness of care and kindness towards the elderly.

Till we meet again!! ~ K2 Cheerful Cheetah

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