Chia Pui Kuan

Moral Child Development Centre(Chee Hoon Kog)

Chia Pui Kuan
14 Sep

K1 children SSDB Gardening Journal-Lime and Chilli

Throughout the SSDB Gardening Project, our K1 children were very enthusiastic and eager to learn.

As a start, children learned the basic needs for plants to grow and how plants grow. Then they were given limes to explore using their five senses. Some of them even tasted the lime. Children removed the lime seeds from the limes and they were ready for their planting journey.

Children explored the DIY self-watering planter method to grow the lime seeds. They diligently watered the plants daily. Children observed their plants and recorded the growth in the reflective journal.

Having only growing lime seeds was not enough to quench our K1 children’s thirst for learning. They even explored planting chilli seeds using another method.

All the children had so much pride and satisfaction when they saw both the lime and chilli seeds had grown!

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