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Just Kids @ Jurong

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12 Jun 2017

Just Kids @ Jurong Going Green Family Day 2017

In line with our SSDB theme on being green heroes in saving the environment, we had a Family Day on 10 June 2017 to promote environmental awareness to families and public. The objective of this event is to present the various ways we can recycle and reuse materials, thus reducing wastage as well as allowing families to bond as they engage in a series of activities planned for them.

We started preparation two months ago and parents contributed recycled materials such as cardboards, bottles, cartons, cans and other recyclables.

The children made collaborative art projects using recycled materials and showcased them along with a variety of art and craft works created by them.

We also made a range of functional musical instruments from recycled materials. 🎸

The children had great fun exploring!!! 🎶🎵

We set up various stations within the centre and one of the station is for games and activities using recycled materials.

Snow globe making station: We created snow globes using glass jars by adding glitters, water with glycerin and ornaments.

Eco bag making station: We made eco bags out of used T-shirt, no sewing required! 👕

We also made photo frames out of cardboard and decorated with scrap materials from recyclables. 🖼

The staff coordinated to go green, literally, for the theme. 💚

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