See Hong Choo

Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan Preschool

See Hong Choo
24 May 2018

I am a Little Helper

This was the third year that we organised the SSBD project “I am a little helper” on 27 Apr 2018. Our children were enthusiastic and ready to help. All of them have a small piece of cloth in their hands. This little preparation signified the full support of our parents.

We could hear voices from the corridor. The K2 and K1 children were cheering happily when they were told to clean up our Living Garden, Living Skills rooms and the Indoor Play area. These were their favourite places.

What a group of excited and eager little helpers. Next came a group of younger children. They followed closely after their teachers in their happy little steps to their designated cleaning areas. Indeed they were our happy little helpers.

The cleaning activities carried on as our children were back in class.

Some of them started to pen down what they had done in drawing. I believed it was an amazing experience for everyone of them.

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