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Teacher Yan Li
25 Sep 2023

' I ❤️ My Community' ( Befriending Session 1 @ Jamiyah Nursing Home)

“ We can help make the peanuts smaller so easier for the grandma to eat! “

In continuation of our ‘ I ❤️ My Family!’ project, the children were introduced to Sharity the Elephant and his friends. Using the resources provided, we discussed what it means to care for seniors around us, whether it be in our families or community.

The children were excited and keen to show their care and appreciation for seniors in our community, in their own little ways. For this, we decided to partner with Jamiyah Nursing Home for our befriending sessions. They actively participated in brainstorming various ideas and lent a helping hand in preparing the resources (e.g., drawing the Vanda Ms Joaquim template, cutting the Bingo cards) for the intergenerational activities.

It was heartwarming to see the seniors clapping and dancing along to the National Day performance ( ‘Shine Your Light’ ) prepared by our children. With guidance, they were partnered up and interacted with the seniors by asking how was their day. Some were seen helping their partner to take the paint, and others were seen pasting the cards together with the seniors.

Our parent volunteers also provided their assistance in promoting interactions between the seniors and children. It was uplifting to see different generations coming together to celebrate Singapore’s independence! ❤️

As a form of appreciation, our children also prepared ‘Thank You!’ cards for the staff at Jamiyah Nursing Home, to celebrate Nurse’s Day! 

Hence, it was a memorable first experience for us, the children and parents as we put caring for seniors into action at Jamiyah Nursing Home. We are glad that the seniors thoroughly enjoyed themselves too during this session! The children are excited for the second session, and we hope you are too. Stay tuned! 👵🏼🧓🏼❤️

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