Foo Soo Khuen

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Ayer Rajah-Gek Poh Blk 750 (KN)

Foo Soo Khuen
8 Jan

Helping Hand We Have          Together We Care                                (Story 3: Breakfast with Dad)       Date: 27th May 2023

The parenting workshop was organised in collaboration with the Centre for Fathering. The father and child were invited to attend the session together. The objective was to create an opportunity for the farther and child to spend time together, and appreciate each other more after a series of fun filled interactive activities.

  1. During the Icebreaker, the parent and the child introduced themselves.
  1. The children chose the breakfast items from the counter. They prepared the breakfast and served their father.
  1. Through quizzes, drawings and letters, both father and child were more aware of each others thoughts.
  1. Affirmation was a heartwarming session when both father and child displayed the trust and love for each other. After the children recognised their father’s voice that uttered “I love you”, they ran to hug their father in the partitioned room.

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