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Good Shepherd Convent Kindergarten

Miss Teo
26 Apr

GSCKG B.L.E.S.S Project 2022: Shine with LOVE (Part 2) - What is Kindness?

The K1 children started their project by sharing their thoughts about ‘Kindness’ through their craft done via Zoom during our launch on 16 April.

After their Show & Tell, the children pin their beautiful cards on our project board. 

Children brainstormed and shared how they could show kindness by bringing joy and love to others.

Children also learned to be kind to themselves by keeping themselves healthy. Each week, they discover and prepare a fun and healthy snack and share the receipe with their family.

This week, they explore fun ways of eating sandwiches. E.g. How much strawberry jam? Wholemeal or White bread? How much?

 We learnt that we could make bit sized sandwiches. Yummy healthy snacks! 

Stay tuned to our next upload as we share another fun and yummy snack with you.

Children singing: “Let’s us do well with all we do.” 🥰

“Give our best every time.”

“Treat everybody respectfully, “

“Care and share.” 

“Yes! We Can!”

“Be kind to ourselves and others too.”

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