Anatasha Binte Ashari

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Nee Soon South Blk 781 (CC)

Anatasha Binte Ashari
28 Sep 2021

Golden Beats Dancercise Project (Part 2)

Kindness & Service Week 

We had a kindness and service week where children were encouraged to demonstrate acts of kindness and graciousness towards people around them. They then submitted two photographs demonstrating the act of kindness and presented it in class. 

Stay Safe Stay Connected with Sharity & Friends

Our Nursery 2 children worked on an activity provided by the Community Chest titled ‘Stay Safe Stay Connected with Sharity & Friends’. Children reflected on the safety measures practiced in school such as wearing a mask and practicing safe distancing. They had fun colouring the picture and found the word ‘CARE’ in the picture. 

Keychain Making

Our Kindergaten 1 children participated in a keychain making process to promote graciousness with kind words “Bee Kind”, “Thank You!” and “Don’t Give up!”. Children had lots of fun creating this and shared their good practices and of others.

Dancercise Video 

There were three classes that were involved in the dancercise video. Each class chose a song to perform and dance. Our children from N2 class danced to ‘Girl in the mirror’, while the K1 children danced to ‘Can’t stop the feeling’ and the K2 children performed ‘Better when I’m dancing’. The dance moves were choreographed to promote upper body movements for the elderly in the home.

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