Kelly Chua

Appleland Playhouse

Kelly Chua
30 Sep 2021

Giving Thanks to the Front-liners and Essential Workers

To wrap up our SSDB journey, the topic for this month is showing appreciation to all our frontline and essential workers, who have made great sacrifices for us during this COVID-19 pandemic. We had a class discussion about the roles of various frontline and essential workers, and how they have helped us during this challenging period.

Then, we brainstormed ideas on how should we give thanks to these amazing people, and we finally decided to create a card to show our appreciation. We each received heart-shaped card template and brought it home to design the card! Families were invited to work together in creating the card, and we are heartened to see parents sharing photos of the card-making process!

Next, we brought the cards back to school and recorded a simple yet heartfelt messages to all frontline and essential workers. We have compiled the recorded messages into a video as a tribute to everyone who have contributed greatly during this difficult time. 

(In case the video doesn’t play, you can find it on Appleland Playhouse’s FaceBook page)

Let us all salute to the frontline and essential workers, and together, let’s hang in there and walk through this storm in unity. We are sure that the rainbow is within sight, it really is.

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