Marianna Shanalie Anusha Pelpola

Zion Kindergarten

Marianna Shanalie Anusha Pelpola
17 Aug 2019

Give A Little Love - 2019

Week 9 was our project week and theme was “LOVE”. Through the bible story, “Zacchaeus”, children learnt the importance of loving different people who are in our community. They also sang the song, “Zacchaeus was a wee little man.” As a learning extension, children had a marvellous time visiting the residences at Ling Kwang Home. The first day, children sang songs, had snack and played games such as pass the parcel and memory game with the residence.

The next day, our little ones had a fun fit activity and marble painting. It was heart warming to see our young learners helping the residences to clean their hands. The residences were delighted when our little ones gave them the special gifts that they made at home just before they said their good-byes. It was a meaningful project that helped our little ones to understand the importance of caring and loving others.

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