Iffah Binte Rahim

Little Footprints Preschool (Woodlands 877)

Iffah Binte Rahim
3 Nov 2021

Fund-Raising for Elderly Care Home

After having a meaningful virtual interaction session with the elderlies from Woodlands Care home, we wanted to further extend our service through another meaningful gesture. In accordance with our project’s aim to spread love and care between our elderlies through meaningful gestures, we decided to raise funds to donate to the elderly care home as a way to spread our love to the elderlies and to show our appreciation to the carers for all that they do.

We decided on creating soaps and selling them to the families of the children to raise funds for the donation. During the first two weeks of September, we began by gathering and collating responses from the families of the K1 and K2 children that were interested in buying the handmade soaps. The children also learnt the process of soap making and began creating handmade soaps under the guidance of the teachers. 

Overall, we managed to raise over $300 from the sale of soaps to be donated to Woodlands Care Home!

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