Joan Tan

Mulberry Learning Centre Alexandra Pte Ltd

Joan Tan
11 Aug


As the K1 and K2 children of Mulberry Alexandra carry on with their SSDB project, with the theme, NOT ALL SUPERHEROES WEAR CAPES, the children took the initiative to show appreciation to the frontline workers. They brainstormed on the things they could give the frontline workers and have decided to give them fruits because it is a good source of vitamins and for them to be more healthy. They also wanted to make them appreciation cards. With the help of the parents, the children brought fruits in school to make fruit baskets/ fruit packages to give the frontline workers.

The children who are riding the bus to school were given the fruit baskets to give to the bus drivers, the children also gave parents who are working in the hospitals, and the HDB cleaners.

This initiative and effort engaged the children to show their appreciation to our frontline heroes in Singapore. 

With little acts of kindness and little words of love, they were able to make these heroes happy and beyond.

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