Emma Pacala

Sunflower Kinderhub @ AMK

Emma Pacala
10 Aug

For the Young and Young at Heart: Let’s Play

We are now in our third monthly activity with our partners at St. Luke’s Eldercare. Following what we learned about how their childhood was like back then, we are now set to enjoy a game which they used to play— flying paper aeroplanes!

We started our session with a story reading by our elders. This story was well enjoyed by both the children and the elderly.

Next, we learned how to fold paper aeroplanes. We did this activity side-by-side with St. Luke’s Eldercare’s elderlies.

It was quite tough for both children and the elderly but with the help of the teachers and senior carers, it was made possible.

Finally, we tried putting our aeroplanes to flight and even had a contest on who can successfully fly aeroplanes through hula hoops— it’s young vs young at heart! Can you guess who won?

Everyone is a winner! It is amazing how the gap in age is bridged by games enjoyed by different generations!

Stay tuned for our Young and Young at Heart Exercise this end August.

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