Ms Lim Jing Yi

Spring Brainy Kidz @ Ubi

Ms Lim Jing Yi
23 Sep 2021

First virtual meeting in ZOOM with Econ Medicare Centre (Chai Chee)!

Spring Brainy Kidz @ Ubi collaborated with Econ Medicare Centre (Chai Chee) for the first time in 2020, and it was a new experience for both the children and the teachers. To engage the elderly in the midst of a pandemic, the school, together with the children, created brain training resources and donated them to Econ Medicare Centre (Chai Chee). Since then, the school has continued to donate more games, puzzles featuring themes such as attractions in Singapore and nostalgic artifacts from the past. 

This year to encourage intergenerational connection between children and the elderly and to raise the children’s understanding of the various persons in the community, we’ve taken our partnership with Econ Medicare Centre (Chai Chee) to the next level by having a virtual session with the elderly to celebrate National Day together! During the session, the children and elderly danced along to this year’s NDP workout song. The kids were ecstatic, and we will be holding more virtual meetings with seniors in small groups in the future.

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