Teacher Philiz (Seraphiliz Peng)

Mulberry Learning Centre @ Shenton Way OUE

Teacher Philiz (Seraphiliz Peng)
4 Aug

Exploring Plants We Can See 👀🌱 - Follow-Me Trip to Gardens By The Bay

Phase 1: Exploration (Week 1) 

Activity: Follow-Me Trip to Gardens By The Bay

Focus: Plants We can See

Teacher Philiz made a trip to Gardens by the Bay

and documented her trip. The children viewed the

pictures and videos of Teacher Philizs trip to the

Flower Dome. The children are prompted to suggest

different attributes to describe the flowers and

leaves. The children then grouped the flowers and

leaves by its attributes and made a mobile collage to represent their work

K2 Bougainvillea’s mobile collage:

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