Nur Azlindah Bte Mohammad Ali

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Woodgrove Blk 364 (kn)

Nur Azlindah Bte Mohammad Ali
29 Aug 2017

Every Drop Counts by PCF Sparkletots Preschool@Woodgrove 364

PCF Sparkletots Preschool@Woodgrove 364 embarked on a meaningful journey as we learnt about water conservation with the theme ‘Every Drop Counts. All children were involved and engaged in a variety of activities that allowed them to learn about water conservation.

Here’s our wonderful experiences!

Virtual Launch Party.

Our journey started on 10th April 2017. We decorated our gym room using the materials sent from SSDB committee. Using recycled materials, the children did a cheer with pompoms and sang a song ‘Let’s Save Water’.

Poster Making

Together with their parents, the Nursery children created a poster using the theme ‘Every Drop Counts’. It was a meaningful and purposeful activity for the parents and children bond with.

Water Droplet Door Hanger

Our K1 children created a water droplet door hanger. They wrote a saving tip on how to conserve water and decorated the water droplet. Together with the teachers, children went to the residents’ homes to hand them the door hanger. We were glad to create awareness of water conservation with the residents😊

Fieldtrip to Newater and Rain Garden Workshop.

Our K2 children had a fun filled experience at Newater Visitor Centre where they learnt about the process of treating waste water to form purified water for drinking and other usage of water. Children learnt how to make a rain water plant and took it home to care for it with the help of their parents. They also did a reflection on how they felt of caring for the rain water plant.

Through this project, we learnt that water is very precious and we can do our part to conserve water. Saving water is definitely a water habit that we can instill in each one of us. So let’s save water as EVERY DROP COUNTS!💧💧💧

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