PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Woodgrove Blk 364 (kn)

Block 364 Woodlands Ave 5, #01
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Pre-nursery class

PCF Woodgrove Blk 364 differentiates itself from other centre by having pre-nursery classes. The centre caters to popular demand from parents to open pre-nursery classes. At the age of 4, when children come to school, they have peers and thus this capture their interests in learning and they willing learn instead of at home. With peers and teachers, children can pick up learning at a faster pace due to high interaction and sharing of information.

Music Toolbox

PCF Woodgrove Blk 364 integrates music into education to enhance learning for students from nursery to K2. The centre adopt the Music Toolbox program and hires professional teachers from Music Factory to conduct the lessons. Students are given a music toolkit that consists of instruments like xylophone, music book and CD. The toolkit helps students to practise at home too. Students from different levels receive different instruments. This is because the music lessons are progressive and the level of difficulty increase as students study at higher level.

Besides playing the instruments with the teachers, students also learn about notes, pitch, duration and rhythm. Students are also tested on the sounds they created. The teachers set goals for students to achieve when they participate in the music lessons. For example, whether students can describe element of music and how they use their body percussions and instruments. The teachers will then update parents on their child’s progress.

Why is music important in the first place?

“(With music lessons) children’s attention is there. The toolbox helps to develop fine motor skills. There is physical development and also involvement from children. They can understand instructions from teacher like how are they going to play by listening to the tempo and beat,” explained Ms Patricia Chear, the centre’s principal. The music program shows that children will also have better discipline and listening skills.

Enhancing the language

“English is very important.We want to increase the literacy standard especially for K2 students to be able to cope with Primary 1 curriculum, ” Ms Chear said.

The centre is one of the first schools to participate in FLAiR programme where children who have difficulties in reading and writing English will be given extra lessons. There is a FLAiR teacher who will conduct the classes where there will be direct teaching where teacher teach the students to read and write as well as playing educational games and storytelling to enhance their language. “FLAIR is very good. By end of term, students can read and articulate complete sentences. Those who are not very vocal, become very vocal,” said Ms Chear.

“Parents are very surprised their child can recognise sentences already. The children have shown improvement. Parents were worried about their child’s standard at first,” Ms Chear added. In addition, the centre also source for English and Chinese speech and drama programmes. The centre helps to boost children’s confidence and language by encouraging them to perform in front of audience.

The teachers always tell stories to the students and encourage the students to borrowing books so the parents can read with their child. After reading the book, children can write a book review. Every month, students will write at least one book review. The book review shows that children have read the book and what they have learnt from the book. This helps the child to be more independent and parents learn what their child is studying in school.

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