Jilcy Sanjay

Milagros de Montessori School @ Queen’s Close

Jilcy Sanjay
11 Oct 2020

End of SSDB Project, Start of a Kindness Journey

Our SSDB dream materialised on 22nd September, as we sold our plants and collected close to $1,000 from our parents’ purchases. Including staff and school contributions, we collectively raised $1,850 for Sree Narayana Mission (Singapore).

On 30th September we visited Sree Narayana Mission to donate the money we raised through our SSDB project. We met the CEO Mr S Devendran and his colleagues, and they were overjoyed to welcome us. They told us how this non-profit organization is making a difference to Singapore’s society, and how this amount will be used for the elderly under their care. Although we couldn’t meet the seniors at Sree Narayana Mission due to the COVID-19 situation, we stepped out of the building with fulfilled hearts, picturing the smiles of the beneficiaries.

When I looked at the tall green trees that lined the pavement outside Sree Narayana Mission, I was reminded that they too were little seeds once upon a time – just like our seeds at the start of the project. It is amazing to think that a little act of kindness can indeed go so far! :-)

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