Viola Tan Han Hui

My First Skool @ Jurong West Blk 648C

Viola Tan Han Hui
21 May

Earth Day Celebration 2021

On 22nd April 2021, Thursday children and teachers celebrated Earth Day through the e-platform of Zoom. The story of ‘Saving Caleb - The Adventures of Water Wally & Sally’ were shared to the children to educate them on the importance of not littering in public and in waters. This will greatly endanger the lives of marine animals with our reckless behaviours!

We have also collaborated with a group of Elderlies from Adventist Active Centre (Golden Peony) who shared enthusiastically ways of recycling & upcycling used materials  and turning them into objects that can be used for a second time!

Children were impacted and greatly influenced by the positive acts of the elderlies and the moral of the story, that they are now convicted to save the world; save the earth by doing their part!

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