Hiddecel Espino Cruz

E-Bridge Pre-School (178 Rivervale Crescent)

Hiddecel Espino Cruz
16 Jul 2020

E-Bridge Preschool 178 @Rivervale Crescent "Staying Connected... Sending Joy!" SSDB Launch Party

E- Bridge Preschool 178 @ Rivervale Crescent

Start Small Dream Big 2020

Theme: Staying Connected… Sending Joy!

K2 children visited All Saints Home last year as part of their community collaboration. They enjoyed their visit very much! Since the elderly care was closed due to the pandemic situation, we, as a class decided to continue collaborating with All Saints Home this year. During a short conversation with Mr. Joven, a nurse from the elderly care, mentioned that the elderly residing in their centre were too bored and restless because they are not allowed to be in a group and some of these activities were shortened. They felt lonely as days went by. Children were informed about the situation there. K2 children were asked, “What can we do to stay connected with them and help to ease their boredom? “ One of the k2 children said, “Ms. Hidde, maybe we can have a zoom session with them like what we had last time!” “I think I will write a letter to them”. I was so touched by the K2 children’s responses! They gave ideas to stay connected with elderly although they have not met them before and in spite of the current situation we are facing now.

With that enthusiasm in the children’s hearts and faces to make the elderly happy and entertained during this time, we came up with the theme, Staying Connected, Sending Joy!

We had our launch party yesterday, 19 June 2020 at 10:00 in the morning in our centre. During our launch party, children revisited out previous projects with Start small dream big. To enrich their knowledge about this year’s project, we invited a parent and a k2 child to share their learning journey from their past visit at the elderly care. They shared encouragement and messages to the K2 children and even to the elderly through a video message. Staff from All Saints Home Hougang also had a video greeting to the children. They were also excited for the future activities that we will be planning with them to achieve our project’s goal. The children also prepared a simple cultural dance performance in Malay and Chinese versions.

There were 2 hands-on activities for the children to engage with. They had a liquid hand soap making session. With adult’s guidance, children mixed the ingredients to make liquid hand soap solution and put it in a soap dispenser. These will be delivered to All Saints Home to remind them to stay healthy in times like this. Children wrote a simple message, “Staying Connected, Sending Joy! We care for you!”.

The next activity was our first Art installment. They will create an art piece with the collaboration of the elderly at All Saints Home. As Joven mentioned, they have elderly who like to colour and draw. To begin their first art installment, children created their art pieces. They were encouraged to think of their own design using different colours, images, shapes and many more! There were paper cutouts that will be delivered to All Saints home as well. By this time, the elderly there will be decorating the blank papers. K2 children’s and the elderly’s pieces of art will be combined to form a bigger image of art. This would be a great memory for the teachers, children and elderly care. K2 children cannot wait for the next few months to see their art collaboration product! Throughout this project, we are “Staying Connected… Sending Joy” to the elderly at All Saints Home Hougang!

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