Petrina Isabel Neo

MY World Preschool @ Hougang Dewcourt

Petrina Isabel Neo
28 Sep 2023

Donating Essentials - Fueling ComLink Families Aspirations

We did a broadcast message to our parents for the required necessities, which were collated by SSO@Hougang after checking in with the ComLink families. Our parents responded with so much love that our staff room was filled to the brim with cartons and bags of donations. In addition to these items, Lexus Trading Pte Ltd responded to our donation drive with bags of necessities (oil, rice, salt, sugar, Milo, cereal, soya sauce) being packed for each of the ComLink families.

Our children had fun spending a day sorting out the various items accordingly. They also tried to check for expiry and best-before dates on the food packaging during the sorting process.

We hope that these donated essentials will help fuel our ComLink families towards their aspirations!

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