Nurul Afrah

Little Petals @ Symphony

Nurul Afrah
18 Sep 2020

Cheer For Our Unsung Heroes

“Sweat dripping, backs aching. Sore legs, need stretching.” – Dinara, K2.

Many times, we overlook people working tirelessly for our safety and hygiene. We took on the Cheer For You Project back in May where children together with their parents across all classes at Little Petals Preschool created simple cards or artwork for some of our unsung heroes from various industries who worked all through the Circuit Breaker to ensure we could stay home.

Our children from PG dedicated their pieces to our hardworking Migrant Workers.

Our children from N1 went all out for heroes working in the Transportation industry.

Our N2s drew their word of thanks to the selfless heroes of our Healthcare industry.

Our K1 children excitedly thanking our Rubbish Collectors!

And not forgetting ourK2s, thanking our ever essential Supermarket superheroes.

Coming back from the Circuit Breaker, ourK2s noticed friendly, familiar faces greeting them as they walked into the building. Being a preschool in an industrial building, our children meet our security guards and cleaners daily. We brainstormed, andour children decided to properly thank them for always keeping everyone safe from large loading trucks and always keeping everything clean.

They set off, writing out cards and even packing goodie bags for the building’s staff.

And the day finally came and our children headed out looking for our security guards and cleaners!

Little Petals extends our heartfelt thanks to all cleaners and security guards everywhere for the great work! Thank you!

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