Queenie Chan

My First Skool @ Ang Mo Kio Blk 601

Queenie Chan
18 Aug

Caring for the elderly

This year we have embarked on a journey with the Nursery children of My First Skool @AMK blk601 to be in touch with the elderly in our community.

When we shared about the elderlies in St.luke’s eldercare, children were so excited to come up with ways we could show them that we care and are thinking of them.

Here are some things the children came up with

  1. Performing for the elderlies 

  2. Send them messages to remind them to keep safe in this covid19 situation

  3. Make a video of them teaching the elderly to do origami

  4. Discuss what we would like to donate to them

  5. Collect donations from our parents

Children performing for the elderly

Children coming up with messages they would like to share with the elderly from the song “ABC back to school”

Two children volunteered to make origami for the elderlies to learn

Discuss and drew their representations in their journals of what they would like to donate to the eldercare.

Packing the donations!

Sending their love ❤️❤️❤️

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