My First Skool @ Ang Mo Kio Blk 209

7 Apr

Caring for our Pioneers!

This year has been a challenging time for all of us in Singapore and around the world due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus. Children were therefore involved in experiments and games that highlight the importance of handwashing and the different ways that we can do to keep everyone safe.

As an effort to educate and create awareness in our children of the current situation, they have been kept updated on the situation through our daily news and announcements. 

During the news sharing sessions, children came to know of elderlies not having enough rations and protection due to the excessive hoarding of others. Also, they were informed of an elder home being a cluster of the Coronavirus which lead to the restriction of visitors as an effort to keep the elderlies safe. Many of them thought of the elderlies residing at the eldercare whom we have visited last year. 

During the discussion of the news articles, children put themselves in the shoes of the elderlies and thought of how lonely and scared the elderlies would have been. 

The pure hearts of our little ones decided to bring some joy and love to the elderlies to show them that they are not alone! As children engaged in a brainstorming session of how they can show care and concern, they have decided to bring together their efforts to prepare care packages for the elderlies and also a short video to spur them on during this fight with the virus!

After the brainstorming session, teachers helped to reach out to all parents to contribute to the big project. Parents are encouraged to bring a small gift and to create a home-made card with their little ones and write down positive messages on the card. 

As the SSDB slogan says, “_No one can do everything, but everyone can do something._”

The generous donation from all of our parents allowed us to pack 90 care packages for the elderlies alongside many non-perishable items for the home! 

With this, we end our SSDB 2020 Project, “_Caring for our Pioneers_”! A BIG thank you for parents who have made this project a success and a GREAT pat on the back of our children for having the heart to care for the elderlies!

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