Ms Idayu

Modern Montessori International Preschool @ Compassvale

Ms Idayu
26 Apr

Caring for elderlies in our community

The children were excited as they learnt that they will be involved in this year’s SSDB project. During our laucnh, Teacher Wen shared with the children that we will focus on the elderlies in our community. Teacher shared her powerpoint slide to invite the children to talk about their grandparents. The children shared with their friends on the activities that they do with their grandparents, how they show their love to their grandparents and of course, sharing what they love the most about their grandparents. 

From there, the children’s focus was directed to elderlies who live in nursing homes. Teacher shared that for many reasons, these elderlies are not living with their families. Teacher also informed children that we will be spending time with these elderlies in one of the nursing homes. The children excitedly shared some activities that they would like to be engaged with the elderlies. They also initiated to present a performance for the elderlies! 

As a start, the children created a simple appreciation card for their grandparents. “I’m sure my grandparents would love this card!”

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