Nabizah Zafarah

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Nanyang Blk 934 (KN)

Nabizah Zafarah
29 Sep 2020

Caring and Sharing Hearts -  Our Celebrations with Jurong Nursing Home via Virtual (Zoom)

Our Parent Support Group was happy to collaborate and contribute their support for this SSDB project.  Parents worked with their children to create beautiful bouquet of flowers.  They used recycled materials such as coloured papers,  straws,  satay sticks.  They had a wonderful time working as a team to share ideas and make family bonding stronger. 

Children wrote ‘Thank You & Well Wishes’ message and ‘pinned’ nicely to the bouquet of flowers. In addition,  they packed the ‘foam noodles’ which are for the residents at Jurong Nursing Home to use during the ‘PoundFit’  performance on Tuesday,  29th September 2020. 

The children had a great time sorting and packing the items. They worked well as a group. They felt happy and proud.

The ‘foam noodles’ & lovely bouquet of flowers would be presented to Jurong Nursing Home by the class Form Teacher in person.  

PoundFit (Tai Chi Performance)

Our K2 children and the residents from Jurong Nursing Home collaborated to perform. The ‘PoundFit (Tai Chi) performance was carried out via’ Zoom’ virtual platform. 

Teacher and children created simple steps or movements so that the residents would feel comfortable and happy to perform.  Children showed perseverance and practiced daily prior to the performance day. 

Children showed excitement and enthusiasm as they interacted with the residents even via online platform.  The residents used the ‘foam noodles’ and happily followed the children with their movements. The residents showed their excitement and happiness to see and interact with the children. 

The Jurong Nursing Home’s representative presented a short talk about the Nursing Home and it’s goals.  Our K2 child,  Krishika, gave a ‘Thank You!’ speech to the Nursing Home on behalf of her peers and teacher.  The event was engaging and interactive and resulted in building a warm, positive and caring environment where young children can play important roles in sharing and supporting a caring community.  PCF SPARKLETOTS Preschool @Nanyang (Blk 934) heartfully thanked Jurong Nursing Home for their great support and collaboration. 

The SSDB project is a meaningful, purposeful, engaging and positive learning adventure. In addition, it helps our children to raise awareness of displaying Caring and Sharing of their Love, Kindness, Thoughtfulness and Compassion to our society is important as we grow to be responsible young adults.

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