Susie Chng

Jurong Calvary Kindergarten

Susie Chng
24 Aug 2021


For the part 2 of our C.A.R.E project , the K2 children decided to engage their grandparents at home through promoting an active lifestyle by making an upper body workout video using recycled water bottles.

They decorated the bottles and cherographed a simple workout using the bottles as dumbells .

The workout video was then sent home together with the bottles for children to encourage their grandparents to join them in the workout.

The workout video was also sent to our partner for SSDB 2021 - NTUC Day Care Centre For Seniors Taman Jurong to encourage the seniors at the centre to join the children in the workout.

Through this initiative, We hope to promote inter- generational bonding between the children and their grandparents as well as the elderly in the community . At the same time , we want to inculcate the importance of keeping an active lifestyle both for the young and the old.

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